Day 1 in Naples

Well today, we truly had an adventure as one of the students was saying after we had to change our plans.

Unfortunately, we were unable to complete our Vesuvius climb due to a massive forest fire. They had to close the volcano access due to fires on both sides. The smoke is still dominating the landscape at the moment. All are ok so not to worry and we are far enough away not to be affected.

Instead we visited the virtual museum for Herculaneum before visiting the ruins. Students were able to find out what life was like in the town before it was destroyed. For those students that didn’t whizz around in order to keep their streaks they got to jump in a virtual pool, march with a virtual army and even experience Miss Welchman’s delayed (and enthusiastic) Vesuvius talk. This visit was completed with a short 3-D documentary of the 79ad eruption.

Lunch was taken in the grounds of Herculaneum before our very very hot unguided tour. It was brilliant to see how preserved the area was.

Evening started well with a dip in the sea for some of our students, burger and chips for dinner (!?!?) and a few games on the terrace.

The students are really doing themselves proud!


Arrived safely

We have all arrived safely at our hotel in Piano di Sorrento. A little later than we had anticipated but had a lovely dinner and are looking forward to seeing the view in the morning.

Vesuvius was looking spectacular on our journey towards Sorrento…let’s hope it delivers tomorrow!

The students have been brilliant today and many firsts for several of them! They should be very proud of themselves.

Aspirations Week Bay of Naples Trip

28 students and 3 members of staff are off to the Amalfi Coast for a few days to take in the sights, history and (hopefully lots of pizza) tastes of Italy! We will take a hike up Vesuvius and visit the underground caverns that are as old as Naples itself. Look out for those selfies!

Banbury Academy Adventure Blog

A sense of adventure is key at Banbury Academy  and with foreign trips planned for the next few years, it would be great to keep you up-to-date with what your child is doing. On this blog we will share photos, updates and diary-style entries (from staff and students) and share our fun adventures with you!